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What is OTP and how does it work | why otp is Necessary

What is OTP, how does it work and why is it important? Do you know.

Hello friends In today I will tell you what is a OTP (One Time Password)? and what is the meaning of otp. Whenever we do online transaction in our device or online account, or register, then an OTP code comes on our device to complete this process, as soon as we enter it, our transaction process becomes successful. or the account gets registered.

What is OTP and how does it work,why otp is Necessary
What is OTP | Why OTP is Necessary

Today, thanks to the Internet, everything has become online, whether it is electricity bill, mobile recharge or online shopping. To do all such work, it is very important to have security, especially if there is a transaction related to money, then it becomes even more important to have OTP.

If you also use online facilities, then you must have also used OTP at some point or the other. So let's know what this OTP is and how it works.

What is the meaning of OTP

OTP stands for "One Time Password". This is a type of password that can be used only once at a time, as well as the expiration date of this password is also of a few seconds, if you do not enter it at the given time, then this otp code will not work.

Why is OTP Necessary?

If you create a new account in a website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, then you must know that OTP is definitely needed. For example, if you take Flipkart and Amazone, then for this you have to enter the mobile number or email id on the app, after which a code comes on the number or email ID entered by you, it is called OTP i.e. One Time Password. Your account is created as soon as you enter this code.

Whenever we do online banking, the concern of security remains because online banking or transaction is as simple as it is risky, in such a situation it is natural to worry about security, for this whenever you use any facility online. You get the option of OTP as extra security.

Let us know how many types of OTP are there.

How many types of OTP are there?

There are three types of OTP

  1. SMS OTP: Most of the websites use SMS OTP because OTP coming through SMS is the most popular and easy to use.
  2. Voice Call OTP: This is another type of OTP, Such OTP is communicated to your registered mobile number through voice call. It has a computer generated voice which tells you OTP on voice call.
  3. Email OTP: This is the third and last type of OTP. It is used the least of these three. Such OTP comes directly to your registered email.

What are the advantages of OTP

  • OTP is a kind of strongest security code without which no one can hack your account in today's date.
  • This usage shows the actual user of the account.With its help, in case the account is hacked, it can be logged out from the hacker's device.
  • Due to OTP verification, no one can login to your account in any other device without your permission.


I hope now you must have known what is OTP, what is the meaning of OTP and what are its benefits, how did you like this information, must be told by commenting.

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